What's Inside The Membership?

Monthly Q&A with Katie Godfrey:
Get your questions answered directly by me every month.

💄 Expert Guest Every 2 Months:

Learn from industry experts with live talks every two months.

👭 24/7 Support in Our WhatsApp Group:

Connect with our community anytime for unlimited support.

🎬 Free Bonus Videos:

Access extra materials to enhance your business skills.

💪 Free Masterclass:

Participate in a free masterclass to level up your business.

📱 Engagement Pod for Social Media:

Boost your social media presence with our community pod.

🖥️ Easy-to-Use Training Platform:

Access all content hassle-free on our training platform.

👯‍♀️ Discounts on Additional Services:

Enjoy exclusive discounts on other services to grow your business.

Is it for you?

👉 I'm in the Hair, Beauty, Aesthetics, or MUA Space:

This membership is designed specifically for women in the beauty industry, including hair stylists, makeup artists, and more.

👉 I'm in Business or Starting a Business:

Whether you're just starting out or looking to grow your existing business, Clients, Cash & Community is the perfect fit.

👉 I want to Be Made Accountable:

I believe in the power of accountability to help you achieve your goals and grow your business.

👉 I want to Push Myself to the Next Level:

If you're ready to take your business to new heights, Clients, Cash & Community is the community for you.

👉 I want to surround Myself with Like-Minded People:

Join a community of like-minded women who will inspire you, support you, and help you achieve your dreams.

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Ready to Boost Your Beauty Business with CCC?

Led by me, Katie Godfrey, with over 15 years in the industry. I get it - running a beauty business can be isolating. But here's the good news: you don't have to do it alone!

I'm proof that grit and a never-give-up attitude can take you places. I started out as a school leaver, no fancy degrees, just a drive to create something amazing. From overcoming bullying to building the KG brand with successful salons, a beauty training academy, eyelash products, and now helping over 50 businesses in the hair and beauty space grow – I've been around the block!

With over 16 awards, I not only know my stuff but also judge big-time beauty awards. That's me – real and thriving in the beauty and business world.

Now, as your mentor, I'm bringing all that experience to the Clients, Cash, Community Membership. It's a space where you can grow, learn, and connect. I'm not just here to teach; I want us to build a inclusive community where we all guide, inspire, and support each other.


Discover tricks to bring in and hold onto clients who really love your beauty services, making your business the go-to spot.


Learn how to increase your earnings in the beauty world, turning your hard work into extra cash in your pocket.


Join a friendly group of beauty business owners who get what you're dealing with, where we help each other out, share useful tips, and all succeed together.

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